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Experienced shocks and struts technicians

Is your vehicle is extremely uncomfortable to drive? The problem could be with the drive axle. The experienced technicians at Northern Springs can perform a thorough inspection and fix the main cause of the problem in no time.


With over 35 years of experience in the business, no problem is too difficult for our mechanics. You'll be glad you chose Northern Springs to have your vehicle serviced.

Experienced staff and quality service

Whether it's a CV drive axle issue or a problem with the U-joint, you can depend on us to repair it. If a problem cannot be fixed, you won't be asked to spend more money. Instead, you'll get a sincere opinion from our honest staff.


You can also have us replace faulty parts with quality new ones, which will extend the life of your vehicle.

Is your vehicle bouncing excessively?

Get inspections and diagnostics carried out for FREE.

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